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CrossFit D.E.C.K – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

3 x

10 Side plank to reach

10 Kang Squats

10 Inchworms

Back Squat (15 Minutes – 8 Sets)

1 1/2 + 1 Squat

Rep 1 Pause at bottom, drive back to parall and pause. Back down, then up.

Rep 2 is normal

Ideally all at same weight

Barbell Free Legs 1/6/20 (Weight)

4 Rounds

5 x 1 1/2 Object Squats with 2 second pause at bottom

Super-set immediately after with 10 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg

01/06/2020 (Time)


Handstand Push-ups/ Push-ups

Box Jumps/ Tuck Jumps

Deadlifts/ Object lifts

Run 200m between each set/ 100 Feet taps to an object


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