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CrossFit D.E.C.K – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)


10 Push-ups

10 Power Snatch

10 change plate bent over flyes

Bench Press (4 x 3 – 85 %)

Immediately after superset with 10x barbell rows – light for slow and controlled form

20 minutes

03/11/18 (Time)

20 Power Snatch 50/35kg

40 Pull-ups

15 Power Snatch 60/40kg

30 Chest to bar Pull-ups

10 Power Snatch 70/45kg

20 Strict Pull-ups

20 Minute Cap

RX+= 20 Bar Muscle Ups for end set

The Vomit Mobile (Calories)

1 Minute MAX effort

calories air bike


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